Are you tired of running on empty?

Effortlessness is an attitude – a way of thinking, being and taking action that guides you down a path of least resistance. When you add more effortlessness, stress melts away and clarity, vitality, joy and reconnection move back into the forefront of your life.

In this multi-tasking, sleep-deprived world, it’s common to find yourself working way too hard— even when you try to make simple changes to help you restore balance. 

You can stop now…

Imagine having the easiest step-by-step support for the most draining, challenging, neglected areas of your life. Now imagine that it’s delivered to you in a way that doesn’t cost you a lot of time, energy or money. Now you can stop imagining!

I’ve combed through more than ten years of coaching and consulting notes to create this collection of proven, “most loved” tips and tools from client successes and “aha” moments so you can have just that!

The amazing women I’ve had the pleasure to work with have done some of the work for you!

Solo-professionals, entrepreneurs, writers, coaches, doctors, freelancers, therapists, lawyers, single-parents have already tried and benefited, both personally and professionally, from the gems I’ve packed into this six-part series..

You’ll find easier ways to tame your biggest challenges so you can...

  • Recover depleted energy
  • Discover passion and purpose
  • Balance home and work
  • Get unstuck
  • Make smoother transitions
  • Improve time management
  • Eliminate stress
  • Live your true values
  • Transform unhealthy eating
  • Improve Relationships
  • Reboot after big changes
  • Access more inner peace

Each topic was designed to be an easy, yet elegant way to gather your own set of proven tools in the areas that women most often bring to coaching. And the ecourse-style delivery let’s you feel a sense of ease the moment you begin.

A friend of mine likes to call these “Healing Kits For Women Who Do Too Much.” Whether you do too
much or just want easier solutions for some of the challenges in your life, each of the topics (or “kits”) is
designed to help you ease chosen changes into your life without a big commitment of time, money or

You’ll find:

  • Step-by-step actions and proven tools that you can start using right away!
  • Relevant topics with steps that counter overwhelm.
  • Additional resources so you can enjoy added support, and even take a topic further if you choose.

They’re the perfect starting place if you are considering coaching, but not sure if you’re ready to commit to regular sessions or a long-term program.

You don’t have to keep doing things the hard way. You can start taking small, effortless steps that make a big difference. When you start giving attention to the “areas in need” in your life, you’ll feel the difference at work, at home and in your relationships.

Gaining support from even one of the topics in the series can help you scale back stress and add balance.

Each ecourse is “user friendly” in 3 ways:

  1. Courses arrive in your inbox. No shipping fees or waiting on packages––and no waste!

  2. Each topic’s tips and tools are offered in simple, doable steps to allow for easy integration into
    your busy life.

  3. Additional support and resources accompany each kit in the series, so you can take topics even
    further, should you choose to.

Are you ready to add some more effortlessness to your life?

It’s simple to get started. Sign up for the series for $9.97, and you’ll receive your first topic right away. That’s it! You will receive one step per day until the first month's topic is complete. The following months, you'll automatically receive the next topic for just $9.97 until the six-part series is complete.

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There’s nothing to keep up with—for 33 cents a day our system does the work while you sit back and
enjoy easier ways to balance your life, manage stress, increase success and improve your health and wellbeing.

While every woman wants more effortlessness, many lack the time, energy and resources to commit to a long-term program or course when they feel ready to take action. That's why I created this series.

Switch to easier solutions for your biggest challenges and start embracing more effortless starting today.

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